Our Source

We source and roast specialty coffee from single farm micro lots, estates and cooperations. We are always searching for new and exciting coffee's. Aligning ourselves with exporters that specialise in sourcing high quality green coffee's direct. We work closely with exporters that are transparent and practises good CSR with the community they work with. Thus, ensuring quality, traceability and fairness between farmers, exporters roasters and baristas.

Working in specific countries in East Africa and Central and South America. We aim for a quick turnover within every season of our green coffee's. Thus, allowing us to continue exploring freshly harvested coffee's. collect data, roast and share them with as many people we can.

This means we will have a great selection of specific origins from every country, instead of sourcing bits and pieces from wherever coffee can grow. We try to promote new and exciting coffee's every season to keep up with the high demand of consumers in this industry.